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India Volunteer

Born and bought up in the capital of India, Jhanvi has pursued in the direction of her passion all her life. After graduating from Faith Academy High School in New Delhi, she felt the drive to explore around the globe to accomplish her dream of becoming an Investment Banker. She moved to California, USA to attend CSU East Bay to pursue her undergraduate degree in Business with a concentration in Finance. She has always been a studious nerd and has been driven to be involved on campus as well. She has been a peer mentor, and this platform allowed her to provide emotional and academic support to students. She is involved in Tri-Sigma’s philanthropy which supports life-enhancing therapeutic play for children. She whole-heartedly decided to support Jasmin’s idea about the Letters to Hope club after learning about the losses endeavored in the concert in England, and became the Vice-President of the club. She has been looking for an opportunity to extent herself towards helping more people and Letter to Hope non-profit fits her dreams just right. She envisions Letters to Hope to expand her birth-country India and all over the world

Approved Schools

Volunteer Coordinator, Jhanvi Sharma, was able to get the School of Broadcasting and Communication approved in India. This university has been growing every day because of the wonderful student leaders passion in helping the community.

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