Triple Your Impact Today

Our Non-profit has a variety of goals for the communities in need, and for the student leaders involved with our organization. Your generous gift will help our organization prosper.

When you give to Letters to Hope, you are giving to the students who have started a Letters to Hope club at their school. Your gift is supplying these clubs with materials to write encouraging letters to the communities in need, funds to mail the letters out to these locations, host fundraisers, and taking trips to these communities. You are helping us host a Summer Leadership Conference every year for our current students involved. You are also helping us give yearly scholarships to the students who are working to graduate high school and go to college to pursue their dreams as leaders.

What is your donation doing for the communities in need? Our student leaders host toy, clothes, shoe, and food drives for communities in need. Our students host these drives at their schools, or ask their neighbors for donations. Our students also host fundraisers for certain communities who have experienced a catastrophic event or individuals and families who experienced finacial hardships. Your donation will help our student leaders advertise and host these fundraisers. Your donation will also help our students meet the fundraising goals for these communities.

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