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Supplies for Our Clubs

Letters to Hope spends roughly $200 on materials for each Letters to Hope club. 

Supplies: Paper, markers, origami paper, markers, scissors, stickers, glitter, cart to hold supplies & etc.

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Letter Postage

Letters to Hope receives a lot of inquires on community projects all around the world. Postal packaging can be expensive, especially when projects are from out of the country. 

Locations: Houston, TX, Puerto Rico, Las Vegas, Florida, Fresno, San Jose, Hayward, and San Francisco.


Awards & Scholarships

Once a year in our Summer Leadership Conference, our organization likes to recognize our students with Awards and Scholarships. We spend roughly $500 on awards, and we would like to give $2,000 worth of scholarships.

Awards: Dove of the Year, Officer of the Year, Member of the Year, Global Award.

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