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Fresno Volunteer Coordinator

Born and raised in Fresno, CA, Sia attended Sunnyside High school and is currently at Fresno City College. She will be graduating in Autumn 2018 with an Associate in Science in Business Management and an Associate in Arts in Business Administration for Transfer. Sia plans on continuing her education at Fresno State University for her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources. In the future she plans to get a Masters Degree in Criminology and create an organization dedicated for men and women who are victims of domestic violence for everyone, especially focusing on the Asian community. Her purpose is to educate victims and their families, provide a safe place with support from peers and domestic violence survivors.  Her energy and passion are driven by her husband Josue Lopez, and their 9 children along with her family who has always been there with her through all her obstacles in life. When she heard about “Letters to Hope” in her heart she knew she had to take some part of it. Her whole life she was always about making a difference and carried in herself that if everyone wore black she would be the one in red and be the change. This organization was a great opportunity to make that difference in a community and in someone’s life.

Approved Schools

Sia Xiong-Lopez has two schools approved in her location. Her student leaders at Sunnyside High School, and Baird Middle School are working hard to give back to their communities.

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