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Arod Seni Saldaña
Feb 17, 2018
In Need words of Hope?
It was terrible, my room and living room was full with water everywhere, then i woke up and saw my room like, omg a small pool in my room and then the living room was like a little beach my mom was like my couches my table my chairs my living room no why my living room she open the door to get the water out and i saw branches , cables and signs flying in the air and the street and road fulled with water and people out like nothing is happening the water was almost at the neck of the people and it was raining so hard and the wind super stronger but it was cool to see hurricane my first hurricane but when it stops everybody when to the store to get food and water it was crazy i was in my house i see all the people robing everything in the store desperate for food and drink, juice, water and other thing i spend my time writing fanfics of bts in whatpadd and my fanfic notebook but now everything is better we got electricity and enough food and water. this is part of my experience in the hurricane Bye~♥☻.
Arod Seni Saldaña
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