How to stay healthy and happy during virus outbreak

Hello Everyone,

Hope you all are staying healthy, and positive during this shelter-in-place. Below I have shared a few things from an article on how to stay healthy during this virus outbreak. Take care everyone, and always remember that Letters to Hope is here for you.

Defend yourself with powerful nutrients:

What nutrients? Vitamin C, Zinc and Iron. Where can you get these nutrients? Citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit and kiwis, as well as citrus fruits such as oranges, grapefruit and kiwis, as well as guava, bell peppers and broccoli, are all good sources. For zinc, you can have cereals, beans and nuts.

Nose breathing purifies air, technique lessens anxiety:

According to a source, breathing through your nose instead of your mouth is one of the best things you can do when there is a virus going around. When air enters the body through the nose it is warmed, humidified and filtered before it gets to the lungs. Continue to breathe through the nose even when wearing a mask. "It makes a huge difference in terms of purifying the air."

Supplement, sleep well, take time for what you enjoy:

Ensure you get enough sleep. "Critical for the healing rejuvenation of your body" - and reducing stress. "If the body is in a constant state of stress it can inhibit some of the immune system functions. So, if you enjoy yoga, cooking, an art class - whatever you enjoy - make sure you have some 'me' time.

Maintain training, keep moving:

“Viruses tend to affect people who are weaker. If you are fit and training, your body is stronger and better able to fight a virus,” says Santiak Serrano, senior personal trainer at Pure Fitness. He cautions against those who stay away from the gym for fear of getting sick from sharing a space with others. “I encourage clients to keep training. In the gym we maintain good hygiene – we encourage people to use alcohol towels, keep washing the machines and I always wash my hands between clients. Staying at home is not doing yourself any favours,” says Serrano. “The fitter you are, the stronger your immune system. I encourage people to keep moving – and vary your gym workout so you are using more muscle groups, a range of motions, combining push, pull, rotational and core exercises. Mix it up.”

Acknowledge fear, don’t panic:

News reports about the Wuhan coronavirus, runs on supermarkets, and seeing everyone wearing a mask can lead to stress and anxiety. If you are feeling anxious, take a moment or two to acknowledge the feeling, advises Elena Maria Foucher, a mindfulness practitioner.

“Facing the difficult feeling will help it dissipate,” she says, adding that trying to ignore it expends energy. “To face it and feel it helps us realize that the fear isn’t actually that tough to be in – it’s just a feeling.” Afterwards, you are more emotionally stable and can see the situation more clearly. “Sometimes anxiety leads to panic because first we feel fear, then immediately don’t want to feel it, and try to run from it,” she says. “We get panicked because no matter what we do to get away from our fear, it’s still there, and then we get more panicked. It can be a vicious cycle, especially when you throw in a tendency to catastrophise when we’re scared.”


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