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Our Current Projects
Community Project
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A community group in Concord, CA is making it a mission to write letters to a mother who was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in February. This mother and her family were told that she may have up to one year to live. This family is struggling as they are putting most of their funds in medical bills. The family is asking for gift cards for food, or letters of encouragement. They are asking for stories and funny jokes in these letters to lift their spirits. Letters to Hope is working hard to help this family, so if would like to be a part of this project then please become a member on this site, and send your letters in our forum.

Donations for Migrant Caravan in Tijuana

Fresno, San Francisco, Hayward, and Concord are currently fundraising to send supplies to migrant Caravan in Tijuana. A shelter is holding more than 6,000  people---migrants and asylums seekers from Central America who have completed their 2,500 journey from Honduras to the doorstep of the United States. People are living in tents and harsh conditions. Many are cold, and struggle for supplies. Letters to Hope is working together to fundraise for these supplies.

Community Project


A month ago a member of Letters to Hope shared some devastating news of a close friend. This friend, who is a grandmother recently lost her 13 year old granddaughter in a car accident. The 13 year old girl, along with her mother and father were in the car, when another driver fall asleep at the wheel, and collided into the driver side. The girl's  father was driving, and she was behind him in the backseat. The young girl did not survive the accident, but the parents did. Her father is in critical condition. Fresno, Hayward, and San Francisco are all working hard to write encouraging Letters to the family.

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