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Meet our High School Doves




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 Sunnyside High School: Fresno, CA

What motivated you to start Letters to Hope at your high school?

I was motivated to start Letters to Hope at Sunnyside high school after seeing the struggle people around the world are constantly going through. This motivated me to help people in need, and encourage them to have hope and not give up. Creating this club can really reach out to people to find themselves again, and create a bond that really touches them and gives them hope to help other people. People are struggling everywhere for help, whatever reason that is holding them down, and this club can help them. This is why I wanted to start this club at my high school--Sunnyside High School.


What drives you to help others?

Seeing other people struggle has made me want to help. These people who struggle should not be left alone, so we must do whatever to help them get through their dark times. A lot has happened in America, and it is sad for those who had connections to things they love the most, and sadly, lose that love to a tragic event or situation. This hurt can break them physically and mentally. We should help people by being kind to them, being a friend, and supporting them through their tough times in life. Helping each other can build a bond for support, and this is what makes me want to help others in need.


What are your future plans and goals?

 My future plans and goals is to become a doctor and help people, so they can enjoy life to the fullest. Becoming a doctor influences people to help others in need. This made me want to become a doctor because I want to help people who are different, and who are going through difficult times. I hope that the people I help do the same for others, and be the better person by making a difference in their lives. Doing what I love, and saving lives will forever be my drive because I know it will bring laughter, joy, and happiness into many lives.




Burlingame High School: San Francisco, CA


What motivated you to start Letters to Hope at your high school?

Growing up in such a privileged and fortunate location: Bay Area​, I am blessed to not have to experience many struggles that others unfortunately do. I wanted to change that. I wanted to help people in need and give them support and encouragement. I believe that every action, even the slightest ones can make an impact and I don’t think there is a more better way to communicate and understand than through words! This is why I was motivated to start Letters to Hope at Burlingame High School. ​

What drives you to help others?

I find a lot of peace and harmony in helping others. I genuinely enjoy giving up my time knowing that it will make someone’s day. Throughout my time volunteering at Mills Peninsula Hospital, Burlingame and as a peer tutor in my public library, I realized that my small action can sometimes do wonders for others. I want to continue helping others and give hope to those that need it the most.

What are your future plans and goals?

My future plans and goals include finishing high school on a good note and starting college on a positive note. I also want to become more involved with the community. Looking down the road, I hope to become a doctor. I want to able to help people and their families and not feel limited by in what I can do. I want to be able to help people directly. I also want to travel various countries, go skydiving, and learn sign language.

What are your goals for the Letters to Hope club?

While for the Letters to Hope club, I do hope to meet deadlines, my long- term goals include motivating my high school students to participate and providing a sense of unity. I hope for another student(s) to continue the legacy of this club, even when my cabinet members and I have graduated. If our members feel united and safe, that will reflect onto the letters, and make a greater impact.

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